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  • Pneumatic Control Two Hand Start

    In order to protect employees, we have assembled two handled start systems as follows:

    These units ensure that both operator’s hands are occupied for reasons of safety. Both push buttons must be operated simultaneously to produce an output signal.

    The pneumatic control block for the two hand start is used where a manually started operation, such as the triggering of compressed air cylinders, would otherwise involve danger for machine operator, or with other devices where machine operators have to have both hands clear of a danger zone when starting a machine.

    The pneumatic control block only switches if pressure is applied simultaneously via 3/2 way push button valves to the two inlet ports of the control block, within a maximum of 0.5 seconds then the output port is pressurised.

    Releasing one or both of the push button valves interrupts the flow immediately and the output port becomes unpressurised and the system vents.

    The pneumatic control block for two hand start is a safety component in accordance with the EU machinery Directive. It conforms to Type III A as defined by EN574 and the French Standard NFE09-036.

    These two hand start units are fitted with guard plate in order to ensure that the protective function cannot easily be bypassed, for example operated by the hand and elbow of the same arm.

    Roof Tile Machine Refurbishment

    When modernisation and improvement was required, J Ll Leach were called upon to redesign the circuitry and build a new control system to test roof tiles during production at a leading manufacturer based in Staffordshire.  We carefully selected Festo equipment to build this control system with. The photos below show what was previously used and the new improved tester.

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    Pneumatic Toilet Testing System

    Everyone needs something to go on so as one of the final stages of production, we have manufactured a toilet tester to check that the pan will be up to the job.

    Built in our works at Stoke on Trent, the panel puts the WC through a sequence of tests to simulate many years use to ensure that the end product is fit for purpose.

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