Festo are a global manufacturer of process control and factory automation solutions. Here at J Ll Leach we are proud to be Festo partner of the year 2020

Pneumatic drives

Pneumatic actuators, also referred to as compressed air cylinders, execute movements powered by compressed air. Renowned for their cost-effectiveness and resilience in challenging environments, pneumatic drives are favored for their straightforward commissioning process. Operating within a speed range spanning from 10 mm/s to 3 m/s, these cylinders showcase robustness and adaptability, owing to the compressibility of air, rendering them impervious to substantial external forces.

Festo’s assortment of pneumatic cylinder drives encompasses a diverse array, including piston rod and rodless cylinders for linear motion, rotary cylinders, tandem configurations, multi-position variants, stopper cylinders, clamping cylinders, drives equipped with linear guides, as well as bellows and diaphragm cylinders. Within this range, numerous cylinders adhere to standardized dimensions and mounting interfaces, aligning with industry norms for seamless integration. Standards such as ISO 6432 for round-design piston rod cylinders, ISO 21287 for compact variants, and ISO 15552 for profile and tie rod cylinders ensure uniformity in dimensions across compliant cylinders.

Electric drives

Electric propulsion systems play a pivotal role in the realm of factory automation, serving as a cornerstone for operations demanding supreme flexibility and pinpoint accuracy. They stand out notably in scenarios necessitating unrestricted, adaptable, and precise positioning, particularly across distances exceeding 1,000 mm, characterized by swift velocities and condensed cycle durations. Notably, electric propulsion boasts superior energy efficiency during motion compared to pneumatic counterparts, ensuring seamless operation devoid of jerky movements.

Tailoring to diverse mechanical motion requisites, whether linear or rotary, our array of electric propulsion components encompasses a vast spectrum. Festo’s portfolio exist our of electric axes, cylinders, and slides, our catalog encompasses electric rotary drives, stoppers, handling modules, and a plethora of compatible accessories.