Air Compressors for Hire

We can provide air compressor hire for as little as a week, up to an indefinite rental. We provide only the highest quality compressors, such as the Atlas Copco range, and, naturally, it’s all backed up with the exceptional service you would expect from J Ll Leach.

Depend on J Ll Leach for Air Compressor Hire Solutions


Even when you rely on compressed air, owning an air compressor may not be right for you. You might opt for rental for plenty of reasons, such as a short-term hire to provide emergency cover or meet a short-term increase in demand. 

It might even help your budgeting, allowing you to keep your compressed air system entirely in your revenue budget.

J Ll Leach stock genuine and OEM parts so you can be sure the parts supplied and fitted comply with industry standards and are the best quality parts for the job in hand. J Ll Leach will never take short cuts when supplying our customers.

Be Sure, use J Ll Leach

Long-term hire options

Key Components of Efficient Compressed Air Systems

Air Receivers

Air Receivers can improve your air compressor’s performance by providing a steady stream of air. It helps to avoid pulsation that can occur directly from the compressor, and means compressed air is instantly available.

Compressed Air Filters

Our rental can include the required filters for your use. These include filters that trap contaminants that might damage the system and filtration systems that create the purest air possible for use in food and drug manufacturing.

Oil Water Separators

Condensation is a natural by-product of compressed air. However, it can contain oil from the compressor, meaning it must be treated as hazardous waste. An oil-water separator avoids this, leaving you with water that can go down the drain and oil waste trapped in the filters that we will change.

Compressed Air Dryers

We can provide various types of dryers to suit your needs. Water from condensate can damage a compressed air system, but some uses of compressed air need completely dry air. We provide desiccant, refrigerant, and membrane dryers so we can meet your precise compressed air requirements.

Delivery and installation

Once a rental agreement is in place, our engineers will install your equipment, ensuring that it meets your requirements, leaving you with a compressed air system that meets your needs and benefits from our regular servicing!


For a complete list of machines available, please contact [email protected] with your enquiries or why not phone us on 01782 202001?