Air Compressor Servicing in Bridgnorth 

J Ll Leach has served the region for more than eighty years since James Leach first established his business.

In that time, air compressor technology may have changed a little, but J Ll Leach’s commitment to only the best in customer service delivered by highly skilled and experienced engineers has remained the same.

Our team designs and installs air compressor systems from leading manufacturers like Atlas Copco. We can also provide service and maintenance options for any make and model of air compressor. Whatever your system, we ensure it always gives you the best possible performance.

Air Compressor Service & Repair in Bridgnorth

Air compressors are remarkably robust, and we work with some that are still meeting the demands made of them decades after they were first installed. The secret is to ensure they are given regular care and maintenance.

J Ll Leach has years of experience to offer everything you need for your compressed air system. We can provide comprehensive servicing and maintenance options that are tailored to your needs, covering everything for a fixed price, including regular service and repair, replacement parts, and even specialist visits like leak detection and data monitoring. It’s a complete service designed to keep your compressor working like new, even years later.

Bridgnorth: a sleepy Severn town with a strategic story

Bridgnorth straddles the Severn, and the town’s name is thought to be derived from a bridge that crossed the river further north than previous crossings. The river divides the town into the High Town and the Low Town.

The town hit the headlines more recently when German documents were found that, although unverified, suggested that its central location and nearby airfield had resulted in Hitler choosing the town for his personal headquarters. Today, people are more likely to visit for its beautiful setting, including England’s oldest and steepest inland funicular railway.

Compressed air and engineering in Bridgnorth

Compressed air is essential in industrial units and workshops around the world. Bridgnorth’s funicular railway, for example, is a highly specialised machine and, as such, will need specialised parts. Workshops that make such parts often use reciprocating compressors that can be used for a range of processes, whether it’s tools or forges, as required.

Compressed air is also used for safety. The railway’s steep line might seem daunting, but several safety features exist. The failsafe brakes, for example, use compressed air to work.


What is a Variable Speed Drive air compressor?

As its name suggests, a variable speed drive can adjust its motor speed. It does this automatically to meet the demand for air, increasing and decreasing as needed. The result is that you only use the compressed air you require and, therefore, only pay for the necessary energy. They offer significant saving when compared to fixed speed compressors.

What is the difference between rotary vane and rotary screw compressors?

The main difference is in how they compress air. A rotary vane compressor turns a rotor, and centrifugal force pushes out the vanes to create compression. A rotary screw compressor uses two interlocking screws to force air into a smaller volume. Rotary vane compressors tend to be more reliable, but rotary screw compressors have a lower initial cost and are usually very quiet, making them popular in locations where people have to work alongside them.


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