Air Compressor Servicing in Crewe

J Ll Leach has been supporting local businesses and industry for over eighty years.

Each day, since we were established, we have been committed to offering not just our leading expertise in compressed air and fluid power but also the best in customer service.

We offer design and installation from halo brands such as Atlas Copco, Festo, and Spirax Sarco. We can also provide comprehensive servicing and maintenance solutions for your existing equipment, regardless of manufacturer as J Ll Leach is a fluid power partner on whom you can rely.

Air Compressors Installation & Parts in Crewe

You will already know that the care you take of your equipment is critical if your business wants to ensure a long and efficient life. Air compressors are remarkably resilient; they are designed to be workhorses, powering all manner of processes. However, as robust as they are, they still need care and attention.

From basics like oil and filter changes to more involved work like replacement parts and troubleshooting to leak detection and air system audits, J Ll Leach is the expert you can rely on. Whatever your needs, you can be sure that with us, you will get the honest advice you need to keep your equipment — and business — running as well and as cost-effectively as possible.

A transport town, by history and industry

For most of its history, Crewe was a small settlement, but the arrival of the railway in 1837 spurred its growth. The new station was not, actually, in Crewe but took that name regardless. Then, as frequently happened, the surrounding area adopted the name of the station as the town expanded.
The railways helped Crewe grow into an industrial town, and Crewe was associated with the name Rolls-Royce, who founded their motor car engineering works there.

Rolls Royce was the luxury brand with its racing sibling Bentley manufactured alongside, When the Bentley brand was sold to Volkswagen & Audi Group,at the beginning of the 21st century, they expanded to become the town’s largest employer, designing and producing quality motor cars there still to this day, Crewe also remains as a major hub for the railway network for the UK, and rolling stock is manufactured at the Railway Works, now under the guardianship of Alstom.

Compressed air in Crewe’s transport sector

Transport and engineering rely on compressed air. In car manufacture, for example, compressed air is often used to help move vehicles along production lines; it will also be used in some unexpected ways.

Finishing vehicles, for example, would only be possible with reliable compressed air. Not only is it used for consistent spray painting, but it is also used to create negative pressure (vacuum) to ensure that contaminants like dust do not affect the paint finish.


How do I know that my compressor needs servicing?

Regular servicing will help you avoid most problems with your air compressor. If you notice any changes in operation between servicing, that might be a sign that you require an extra inspection. Signs might include the system taking longer to fill than usual, changes in noise or vibration when the machine is running or drops in pressure.

Can I improve the quality of the air?

You can improve air quality with additional micro-fine filters and activate charcoal filters as well as driers. Whilst you can achieve high quality air this way, it might be purer than you require. Our engineers can audit your system to ensure you are getting the air quality you want, without paying more than you need for over-specified air.


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