Air Compressor Servicing in Leek

J Ll Leach are leaders in compressed air and fluid power.

We offer the design and installation of compressed air systems, specialising in the award-winning Atlas Copco range of compressors. We also provide a comprehensive range of service and maintenance options for any make and model of air compressor.

With over eighty years in the field, we know first-hand how many businesses need reliable compressed air and have become the trusted partner for companies across the country. If you want to know that your compressor is in safe hands, then J Ll Leach is your ideal partner.

Air Compressor Service & Repair in Leek

J Ll Leach’s team is one of the most experienced and skilled in the country. We have worked with air compressors, old and new, from every brand and in every sector. From reciprocating compressors that occasionally power tools to dynamic compressors that constantly power a range of processes, we have the knowledge to work with them.

We back up that experience with exceptional customer service. It does not matter what system you have or how you use it, we want to be your trusted partner. If you only need an occasional spare part, or require a long-term servicing agreement, we are always here to help.

Leek: market town and tourist destination

There is evidence of human settlement at Leek as early as the tenth century, with established place names suggesting it was a well-known locale to the Anglo-Saxons. By the time of the Norman conquest and the Domesday Book, it was listed ‘with appendages’, most likely the smaller towns it would later absorb.

The granting of rights to a weekly market and annual fair by King John helped the town grow as a centre for the cattle trade. Having retained many historic buildings, the town and its picturesque surroundings have become a tourist attraction, especially for the ‘double sunset’ behind Bosley Cloud around the summer solstice.

Compressed air in Leek

The agricultural businesses around Leek will make extensive use of compressed air. When used with food, however, compressed air has to meet rigorous standards to ensure that it does not contaminate products for human consumption.

J Ll Leach can ensure air compressors meet those standards, installing oil-free compressors, micro-fine filters, and driers so that only the purist gases come into contact, whether directly or indirectly, with the food that ends up on all our tables.


Can you offer installation?

Yes, we can design and install an entirely new system for you or modify and adapt your existing system to meet new demands. Our team will work with you to ensure the new compressed air system works with your processes and facilities, including any planned expansion.

How do I increase the pressure on my air compressor?

If you temporarily need additional pressure, this is usually a case of simply adjusting the regulator. You should, however, check your manufacturer’s instructions since higher pressure can mean more wear and tear. Plus if you want to increase pressure to power more tools, or because your system pressure has dropped, we’d advise calling one of our engineers to discuss your needs and to check your system for leaks or other issues.


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