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J Ll Leach has been working with air compressors for over eighty years, serving Lichfield, the West Midlands, and clients nationwide.

We have developed a reputation for the quality of our work in air compressor installation and our friendly customer service.

We know that compressed air is vital for enterprises, both big and small. Whether it’s occasionally powering tools or working round the clock to support processes, you rely on your air compressor. Our team is here to ensure that it won’t let you down.

Air Compressor Service & Repair in Lichfield

Compressed air has been used in manufacturing and industry for over 150 years, and its qualities meant that as air compressors were developed and improved, they were widely adopted. Remarkably, even as the technologies it worked alongside, like steam power, have fallen into disuse, compressed air has become more essential.

Today, air compressors are found in even the most modern facilities, helping maintain clean environments in tech labs, for example, or trusted to provide pure gases that can be used in food and pharmaceutical processing. However you use your air compressor, J Ll Leach’s team can help you keep it efficient and working to the exact specifications you need.

Lichfield: a city of philosophers

Lichfield’s early growth was a result of its ecclesiastical heritage. Its first cathedral was built in the eighth century, and as the resting place of the remains of St Chad, it became a destination for pilgrims.

In the 17th century, the city developed into a coaching city, prospering from the trade of travellers on the road to and from London. It also developed a reputation as an intellectual centre. Samuel Johnson, born in Lichfield, called it ‘a city of philosophers’ and was also home to people like Erasmus Darwin, Anna Seward, and David Garrick.

Lichfield’s other famous residents and compressed air

There are other household names based in Lichfield. Many will have cutlery from silversmith Arthur Price in their drawers, and many more will find Armitage Shanks products in their bathrooms.

In both cases, the success of their products is attributed to the quality of their manufacturing. Compressed air is trusted in many processes that rely on consistent quality. In porcelain manufacture, for example, compressed air is used for the uniform application of glazes.


What is the quietest air compressor?

Every business has a duty of care to create a good working environment. Modern compressors, even the most powerful ones, can be surprisingly quiet. Atlas Copco offers a rotary screw machine that is specifically designed to be quiet and can be operated in working areas without disturbing the workforce.

How do I choose the right oil for my compressor?

Selecting the right oil is as essential as using branded, manufacturer filters and parts. Synthetic oils usually offer better performance but tend to be more expensive. We are always happy to make a recommendation for you that considers your compressor, operating environment, and budget.


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