Air Compressor Servicing in Shrewsbury

J Ll Leach is one of the area’s experts in fluid power technology.

We have served Shropshire for over 80 years, offering compressed air, automation, and steam power solutions.

If you need a comprehensive design and installation service or are looking for ongoing servicing and maintenance of your existing plant, you can trust our engineers’ extensive training and experience, backed up by our local depot stocked with original manufacturer’s parts.

Air Compressor Service & Repair in Shrewsbury

Our depot in Shrewsbury means that you have a premier fluid power specialist on your doorstep, who knows the local area and businesses, because we are one of your neighbours.

Since we were founded, we have matched our expertise with a commitment to exceptional customer service. Our goal is not just to install or service your equipment, but to be your trusted partners. In addition, when you have a service and maintenance contract with us, it really is just like having a helpful neighbour, always on-call and ready to help you out whenever you have an issue with your installation.

From spare parts to a complete installation and everything in between, J Ll Leach’s team are here and ready to help.

An ancient town with a modern outlook

Shrewsbury’s recorded history dates back to Saxon times, although evidence of earlier settlement has been found. Today, the streets follow much the same pattern as the medieval town, however, unlike many areas in the region, its agricultural economy was not replaced by industrialisation in the nineteenth century.

Today, it has become a regional cultural centre, with a bustling theatre complex and a popular filming location for period drama; it has also become something of a business centre, boasting one of the UK’s largest concentrations of independent retailers.

Air Compressors in Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury’s service sector includes several distribution operations that benefit from its well-connected, central location.

Compressed air is one of the lesser-known powers behind distribution, and compressors are often found moving goods around within distribution centres, as well as being used to help maintain vehicles. Even in the theatre, compressed air can be used, helping to provide controlled effects on stage and operating the safety vents within the building’s fire control system.


How frequently should my air compressor be serviced?

You should always follow the manufacturer’s recommended air compressor service schedule. Please, however, consider this a minimum. Factors like usage, location, and even weather conditions might put more strain on a compressor, making more frequent servicing advisable. We are always happy to explain your options so you can make an informed decision.

What are my options for getting a compressor?

J Ll Leach offers a range of ways to get a compressor to meet your needs. If you only require a compressor for a fixed period, perhaps to add capacity to a project, we offer to hire for as little as one week. If you need something for the longer term, you can opt for long-term hire, backed up by our expert servicing, or purchase, where we also offer a range of finance options to suit your budgeting.


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