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J Ll Leach’s mission is to combine the best customer service with its exceptional expertise in compressed air.

For over 80 years, they have benefited their customers with their wealth of experience matched with the latest developments in fluid power technology.

Regardless of your compressed air requirements, we can help. Our team can install a new system or upgrade your current equipment with the latest from Atlas Copco’s award-winning range. If you already have a compressed air system, we can keep it working at its full potential. J Ll Leach is the only name you need to know for compressed air.

Air Compressor Service & Repair in Macclesfield

Air compressors are versatile, and it’s common to see them used in entirely different ways, even in businesses in the same industry. Regardless of use, J Ll Leach’s skilled and experienced engineers are on hand to ensure you get the most from your compressor.

We can ensure that your compressor provides the power you need to drive hard-working tools that operate around the clock. We can also offer the precision you require if you must meet the demanding purity specifications to use in food or pharmaceutical processes. J Ll Leach is a compressed air expert, regardless of the sector.

Macclesfield: soldiers, studs, and silk

Macclesfield’s history is rich with varied connections to the political and social history of the country and world. In the Middle Ages, the area was renowned for the quality of its archers, many of whom were at the Battles of Crecy and Agincourt. Their renown was such that local soldiers formed the bodyguards of Edward I and Richard II. The royal connection wasn’t just military, and the area also provided a stud farm for Edward, the Black Prince.

More recently, industrial innovations saw it supporting fashion as the world’s leading centre of finished silk and feeding the masses as the first home of bread maker Hovis.

Compressed air in Macclesfield

Macclesfield is currently home to one of AstraZeneca’s largest sites, which is also home to their European packing centre.
Compressed air plays a crucial role in packing, where it is used to create gentle suction that can fill and manipulate packaging precisely. In a sector like pharmaceuticals, using highly filtered air also removes the contamination risk that would come from manual or mechanical packing techniques, making it safer for everyone.


What is the most energy efficient air compressor?

If energy efficiency is essential, we recommend Atlas Copco variable speed drives, which are among the most efficient available. We can also help make your existing compressor more energy efficient. Servicing keeps the compressor running well, but by reviewing your entire system, we can also minimise leaks and pressure loss. We can even install heat recovery systems to reduce the energy lost.

What is a written scheme of examination (WSE)?

You are legally required to have a written scheme of examination (WSE) to prove that your air compressor is safe. It details your system, as well as records of regular testing. J Ll Leach can help by providing and updating your WSE, giving you the peace of mind that you are meeting all your legal duties.


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