Air Compressor Servicing Stafford

Stafford businesses that rely on compressed air can also rely on J Ll Leach to look after their compressed air equipment.

Calling on more than eight decades of experience in fluid power, J Ll Leach’s reputation for both its expertise and friendly customer service has won it fans locally and nationally.

We design and install systems from leading compressed air specialists like Atlas Copco, ensuring you have the equipment that meets your needs. We also offer a range of servicing and maintenance options, from occasional spares and checks, all the way through to round-the-clock call-out cover.

Stafford’s Leading Air Compressor Supplier & Repair Professionals

We know that our customers rely on our services. For many, when their air compressor is not functioning as well as it might, they immediately see their facilities’ efficiency and productivity fall, which quickly impacts their bottom line.

We take enormous pride in our team of experienced, skilled, and highly trained engineers. Regardless of the industry, they know how vital it is that servicing and repair gets equipment working and know how to work to minimise the disruption they have on your processes. When you deal with J Ll Leach, you can trust us as much as any other part of your team.

Stafford: ancient market town and rail centre

A county and market town, Stafford’s history has often had industrial links. Gaining a Royal Charter from King John in 1206, it became a wool and cloth trading centre. However, by the fifteenth century, this had developed into an association with the shoe industry. This connection lasted until the closure of the last shoe manufacturer in the area at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

The arrival of the railways brought heavier industrialisation. Today, Stafford remains the home to major companies in the chemical, power, and transportation sectors.

Generating gases with compressed air in Stafford

Compressed air is frequently used to generate nitrogen. It makes up 78% of our air and is largely unreactive. That makes it ideal for a range of processes.

Typical uses include chemical manufacture, where the oxygen in the air can create undesirable reactions, and food processing, where the nitrogen helps prevent spoiling, keeping food fresher for longer. Our engineers can help you achieve the precise purity you need for your processes.


Is on-site nitrogen generation better?

In a word: yes. On-site generation gives you total control. Your business can generate the volume of nitrogen you want, at the purity you require, and always on demand. It puts you in control and significantly reduces costs while helping the environment by removing the need for polluting bottled gas deliveries.

How can I check my air compressor?

Regular servicing is critical to maintaining your compressor, but you should also check it frequently between services. Start with a visual check to ensure there is no physical damage, then look and listen for changes in operation, such as vibrations, noise, or pressure changes. We are always available to help rectify any problems if you notice anything.


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