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When it comes to compressed air, automation and steam power, J Ll Leach is the region’s leader.

In fact, companies across the country have come to rely on our mix of experience, expertise, and excellent customer service.

We offer premium brands like Atlas Copco, providing a bespoke design and installation service that can give you the fluid power you need in a way that works with you. Our engineers also service and maintain equipment from any brand, ensuring that you always get the best out of your system and have a trusted partner who will rapidly address any problems your business might encounter.

Telford’s air compressor service and parts specialist

We’ve served the area for over four decades, and we like to think there isn’t a use for air compressors that we haven’t seen before. Alongside our respect for everything an air compressor can do, we have learned that there are few industries that cannot use compressed air.

It doesn’t matter whether you are powering heavy equipment or using your compressed air to create highly pure gases for your processes, we have the skills and knowledge to ensure your air compressor gives you precisely the level of service you need. With J Ll Leach, you know you have the reliable, cost-effective compressed air you require.

Telford: A new town that was the birthplace of industry

The area’s raw materials mean that the area was at the centre of the industrial revolution, with the coal fields and iron works helping grow the local economies. The Ironbridge Gorge is known worldwide as ‘The Birthplace of Industry’.

Telford, however, would not have been recognised by anyone working in nineteenth-century industry. In the 1960s, when Telford was designated a New Town, the modern town began to grow. Today, while some traditional industries remain, the area has successfully attracted several high-tech and service businesses, where they can take advantage of the area’s good transport links and skilled workforce.

Compressed air in high-tech industries

The relative simplicity of compressed air belies the many uses to which it can be put. The technology sector extensively uses compressors, and while many uses are shared elsewhere, such as powering tools or even production conveyor systems, other use cases can be more surprising.

Compressed air can be used to create clean room environments in areas where contamination must be avoided at all costs. It’s also used directly in processes, for example, to generate highly pure nitrogen that can be used to ensure high-quality solder joints or in food packaging where nitrogen is used to replace the air in the product so prolonging shelf life..


How do I dispose of condensate from a compressed air system?

The condensate that forms in your compressor comes almost entirely from the air. However, it can concentrate pollution in the air and contain a small percentage of oil from the compressor itself, so it will need to be managed as environmental waste. You can pass it through an oil/water separator, allowing the water to go in an ordinary drain with the collected oil removed as part of your service. Why not ask us for more details on Atlas Copco OSC oil/water separators usually available from our stock in most instances.

How often do compressors need oil?

This will depend on your type of air compressor. Obviously, oil free air compressors run without lubrication and most lubricated compressors are incredibly efficient and require little oil and relatively infrequent changes, perhaps once a year but dependent on running hours. However, many factors will affect this. Check your manufacturer’s recommendations and ask experts like J Ll Leach to ensure you are changing oil at the frequency that’s right for you.


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