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If you’ve ever discussed compressed air or fluid power in the West Midlands, you’ll almost certainly have heard the name J Ll Leach.

We are a leading supplier of equipment and servicing to businesses that know they can trust our experience and friendly customer service.

Whatever your needs, our engineers will feel like part of your team, understanding how you work and how to make your compressed air system work as hard as it can for you. We can design and install new systems, help you upgrade or adapt existing systems, or keep your equipment running like new with our servicing.

Air Compressor Service & Repair in Wolverhampton

Air compressors offer incredible value, providing dependable and consistent power. However, like any tool or equipment, you must maintain it properly.

Our servicing and maintenance contracts can cover every need. We provide regular servicing, taking care of routine tasks like oil and filter changes, all the way up to providing full audits, checking your system for leaks, and analysing the entire system to identify problems caused by leaks or the impact of pipework changes. We even provide round-the-clock call-out services, so even if you have an issue in the middle of the night, J Ll Leach has you covered.

Wolverhampton: the market town that become a city

Founded in 985, Wolverhampton was a small market town for much of its existence. The weekly market developed over time to make the town a centre for the wool trade, a heritage still marked in the city’s coat of arms.

The Industrial Revolution began Wolverhampton’s transformation into a city. Building on metal industries that had grown in the preceding few hundred years, the 19th century saw rapid expansion as Wolverhampton became a major industrial centre. However, several attempts were made to reflect that growth with city status. The first application was made in 1953, but it was not until 2001 that Wolverhampton became one of the Millennium Cities.

Wolverhampton’s manufacturers and compressed air

Although smaller than its Industrial Revolution heyday, Wolverhampton retains a significant manufacturing sector. The town is home to Jaguar Land Rover, which operates an engine assembly facility there. Compressed air is often essential in large manufacturing operations.

Compressed air can easily move products, even large ones like engines, through a process line. It can also be used to drive tools, like wrenches, offering precise power for applications where getting the correct torque is vital.


How do you use the pressure regulator on an air compressor?

Always check your manufacturer’s documentation first, but this will usually be a simple knob or dial — close to the pressure display — that you can turn. However, if you are increasing pressure, it might be worth having your system checked. Small air leaks may be unnoticeable but still cause significant pressure loss. Increasing pressure will compensate, but it causes avoidable wear and tear on your air compressor.

What is an air compressor monitoring system?

Air compressor monitoring produces real-time data on your system’s performance, including data like usage, pressure, flow rate, and air temperature. The dashboard can be viewed anywhere with an internet connection, allowing you to monitor your system actively.


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