Congleton Air Compressor Servicing

J Ll Leach is the region’s leading specialist in fluid power and compressed air.

Our team of engineers bring extensive experience and combines that with the commitment to friendly service that has been our hallmark since James Leach started offering his services in the 1930s.

Today, we can design and install the latest in compressed air and steam power technology from world-leading brands like Atlas Copco and Spirax Sarco. But whatever the manufacturer of your equipment, we also offer a range of accessible service and maintenance options to meet your needs. If you rely on compressed air for your business, you can depend on J Ll Leach for your compressed air.

Air Compressor Service & Repair in Congleton

Air compressors are incredibly well engineered. They can easily offer years of quality, cost-effective service when properly maintained. The key, however, is ensuring that the servicing you get is up to the standards your compressor needs.

Our three depots stock only original manufacturer parts, and our engineers combine their experience with ongoing training to ensure they are experts in air compressors. We take great pride in looking after compressors so well that some are still powering processes decades after they were first installed.

Congleton: a cultural centre

Congleton has always boasted a strong cultural offer, even when our culture was quite different. In the 17th century, the town was known for its bearbaiting, which attracted large audiences. Its importance was such that when the town bear died shortly before a holiday week, a fund intended to buy a new town bible was raided to buy a new bear instead.

Present day Congleton’s cultural offer is somewhat more humane. The historic town hosts two music festivals each year and a food and drink festival, adding to the attractions of their picturesque setting.

Compressed air and food in Congleton

Congleton’s food and drink festival visitors might not realise how crucial compressed air is to the food and drink they consume.

With suitable filtration and maintenance, air compressors can produce clean air that meets the strictest regulatory standards. It allows compressed air to be frequently used in food production, where it can do anything from delicate operations, like shelling eggs, to acting as a hygienic air blade to chop vegetables.


Why is it vital to use expert servicing?

Using qualified and experienced engineers to service your air compressor is the single best way to prolong its life and maintain its quality. Our engineers can perform routine maintenance tasks and identify faults and issues before they become serious so you can take timely and cost-effective action.

What servicing options do you offer?

We have a range of packages to match your needs and budgets. These range from ad-hoc servicing to fixed-price contracts that include regular testing, data logging, and round-the-clock breakdown cover. Contact us, and we’ll discuss which option is best for your air compressor and business needs.


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