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When it comes to compressed air, J Ll Leach has become a trusted name across the country.

Working from our three depots, all fully stocked with high-quality manufacturer parts, we have helped businesses big and small that rely on fluid power to keep running.

Whether you are looking for a design and installation service for a new or expanded facility, considering how your current system could be improved, or simply need someone to take care of your servicing and maintenance. With more than eighty years of engineering and customer experience, our team is ready to help you.

Air Compressor Service & Repair in Stone

Reliable compressed air is essential for many businesses, helping to power tools and drive equipment within warehouses and factories. For some sectors, like food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing, pure compressed air and gases are critical parts of their processes.

Servicing and repair can be critical to businesses. If their equipment isn’t working correctly, it can hit their bottom line and even halt production. That’s why our servicing and repair options can cover every eventuality, keeping your compressed air equipment in peak condition and offering round-the-clock call-out, so your problems are resolved as soon as possible.

Stone: home to high-tech businesses

With evidence of settlements dating to prehistory, the origins of Stone are unknown, with archaeological facts and legends both competing to detail Stone’s history. The market town, however, benefited enormously from its position on various transport networks, initially roads and canals, and later the railway. These all helped industries like brewing and cobbling to thrive in the area.

Today’s businesses have a more modern bent. It is home to a major telecommunications training centre and Quickfit, which manufactures high-quality laboratory-grade glassware.

Compressed air in Stone

Compressors are often used in industrial settings, powering heavy, pneumatic tools. However, they are also used in processes that require delicate handling. Packing is one such activity.

A well-calibrated air compressor system can deliver precise pressures, allowing it to pick up and manipulate even delicate items. This may frequently be the card or even paper used in packaging, but it can also deftly pack fragile items like food or glassware without risking damage.


To what pressure should I set my air compressor?

There is no single answer, and the correct pressure for you will depend on your use and the compressed air system. Typically, air compressors are set to between six and eight bar, but you may need to adjust that pressure to allow you to run the processes and tools you need effectively.

What does an air compressor service include?

The exact service you have will depend on the compressor, your system, and your servicing schedule. Our scheduled maintenance usually includes a visual inspection, oil change, filter changes, and a check of the compressor’s overall performance. And when required, we can conduct thorough system checks, including leak detection and week-long audits, to provide a detailed picture of your compressor performance.


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