Walsall Air Compressor Servicing 

Regardless of your industry, the chances are that if you don’t already rely on compressed air, its versatility could benefit your business.

Whether you need compressed air or use it already, you would also benefit by trusting J Ll Leach with your fluid power needs.

We have more than eighty years of experience in delivering compressed air solutions. Today, we design and install from the renowned Atlas Copco range, as well as offer automation solutions from Festo, and steam products from Spirax Sarco. But we offer service and maintenance for your equipment regardless of manufacturer, taking care of all your needs.

Air Compressor Service & Repair in Walsall

Air compressors offer hard-working, robust versatility. You can find them being put through their paces in every sector. We work with air compressors in some of the most demanding industrial sectors and situations with incredibly high specifications. Well-maintained air compressors can manage both, sometimes offering decades of faultless service.

Our engineers work with you to understand your needs and then use their expertise to ensure your compressed air system meets them. Powering tools, helping move products, or delivering high-purity gases to your process lines, a J Ll Leach servicing plan keeps your air compressor working for you.

Walsall: A Royal Manor that serves the nation

Like many nearby towns and cities, Walsall originated as a market town. Unlike most others, though, the Manor of Walsall was held by the Crown and used by various monarchs to reward their followers.

Although it benefited from the Industrial Revolution, it was among the first to decline as the mines ceased to be productive in the 19th century. It then became a leading centre for leather products, reflected in Walsall FC’s nickname, ‘The Saddlers’. Today, its central location and transport links attract many businesses, most notably retail distribution, with local hubs with a turnover of several billions as they service shops big and small.

Compressed air in Walsall’s logistics industry

The logistics industry makes heavy use of compressed air. Its ability to deliver power over a network makes it ideal for services where goods need to be moved.

It’s common to see compressed air driving conveyor systems, which can keep it moving consistently without needing multiple electric motors, which increases the complexity and breakdown risk of a distribution hub. Whatever you use compressed air for, J Ll Leach is here to help.


How can I reduce my air compressor costs?

Efficiency starts with the air compressor. Using an energy-efficient air compressor with a variable speed drive, for example, keeps costs low by responding to its demands, but regular servicing keeps any compressor’s costs lower. In addition, you should always have your entire system checked for potential issues, such as air leaks or inefficient piping.

Can I fix my own air compressor?

If you are having problems, there are troubleshooting steps you can take, for example, checking the power supply and controls if the air compressor doesn’t start or your ventilation system and coolers if it’s overheating. However, if these do not resolve the problems, contacting a trained service engineer is best.


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