Whitchurch Air Compressor Servicing

When it comes to compressed air, automation and steam power, J Ll Leach is the region’s leader.

Air compressors are well known for their reliability and efficiency. Like any equipment you use, they need some care and attention to ensure they always perform to their highest standards.

J Ll Leach’s team of trained and experienced engineers bring an unparalleled knowledge of air compressors and compressed air systems. We’ve worked with clients in every sector and with air compressors fulfilling every conceivable function. If you want to ensure your air compressor is safe and delivers optimal performance, J Ll Leach will cover you.

Air Compressors in Whitchurch & Repair

We have been offering our services to local businesses and industries for over eighty years, and, in that time, we have grown, along with our reputation, to become trusted experts with satisfied customers throughout the country.

Part of that is down to the skills and experience we offer. Regardless of your fluid power needs, our team can deliver. But it’s also down to our exceptional customer service, something we’ve prided ourselves on ever since James Leach started the business. We always put the customer first, whether it’s an occasional spare part or a complete servicing contract.

Whitchurch: making cheese and telling us the time

Whitchurch’s recorded history dates to Roman times. Its claim to world fame, however, comes from clocks and cheese. J.B. Joyce, founded in Whitchurch in 1690, claims to be the world’s oldest clockmaker. Perhaps their most famous work is inside the Queen Elizabeth II Tower, more commonly — if incorrectly — known as Big Ben, in Westminster.

Since the 18th century, Whitchurch has also been associated with cheese. Its regular cheese fairs established its reputation, which only grew when the railways allowed them to easily sell cheese across the country. Even today, the town remains a centre for cheese manufacture and a major centre for food logistics services.

Compressed air in Whitchurch

Although cheesemaking has a long history, it benefits from the modern application of compressed air. One reason is that making cheese is delicate, and making the perfect cheese demands precise processes.

Compressed air is used to ensure clean environments and to perform processes using air, rather than physical implements that risk contamination. Even though cheese typically has a long shelf-life, using nitrogen to flush packaging before sealing helps to keep it fresh even longer.


What is energy recovery for air compressors?

As air is compressed, the air molecules move faster in a smaller space, generating heat. In most applications, this heat is not needed, so energy recovery captures it, allowing it to be used for other purposes, like heating water. Energy recovery can be very efficient, significantly reduce energy costs, and benefit your system by removing the stresses created by temperature changes.

How do I remove water from my compressed air?

The most effective way to remove water from compressed air is to use desiccant dryers. These use a material, known as a desiccant, that absorbs moisture from the air that is passed through. It can help reduce damage from condensation but may be essential if your processes demand dry air.


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